Alternative Market Investments
AM Invest is the Pan-African gateway to unlimited liquidity and investments in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
Lagos • Abidjan • Cape Town
Who we are
Am Invest has been at the forefront of supporting institutions and high-net-worth individuals since 2018, offering specialized OTC services and crypto asset investments. Our systems are engineered to ensure deep crypto liquidity and the best market prices for a wide range of digital assets, providing bespoke trading solutions across the African continent.
Founded by a diverse team of professionals with backgrounds in banking, fintech, and derivatives trading, Am Invest is driven by a shared passion for digital assets. Our founders have been active investors in the cryptocurrency space since 2018, embodying the commitment to the evolution of finance.
OTC Services
Adaptive solutions designed to execute high-value transactions in diverse currency pairs with utmost efficiency and security.
Customized Staking
A non-custodial staking infrastructure designed to provide a secure avenue to invest fiat into high-yield crypto assets.
Corporate Remittances
Global settlements in local currencies and payments in stable currencies, ensuring flexibility and reliability in international transactions.
Supported assets
Digital currencies that are cryptographically secured via the blockchain.
Digital currencies linked to the value of the issuing nation's official currency.
Assets that have been tokenised on the blockchain of an existing cryptocurrency.
Digital currencies tied to a fiat currency, commodity or financial instrument.
Blockchain-based tokenised assets that cannot be replaced.
Digital Bonds
Bonds that are issued, traded and settled online via the blockchain.
We believe in a future where traditional and decentralized assets converge and we strive to lead this transformation with our regulated gateway to digital finance.